Our Process

What We Do For You

We begin with a proven five-step process, offering a comprehensive and tailored plan to reduce tax, manage and minimize risk, and provide you with clarity over the long term.

We begin with an initial meeting to discuss your life goals and financial objectives. During this discovery process we learn as much as possible about you through questionnaires, a thorough review of your financial documents and, most importantly, extensive one-to- one dialogue.

Next, we complete an analysis of your current financial plan and investment strategy to see if your goals are being met. Factors we consider are: capital needs, risk management, tax issues, retirement and life objectives, estate planning and money management.

We build an investment plan that aligns with your aspirations and then work with you to perfect a strategy that meets your income, savings and retirement needs. Before setting this in motion however, we’ll outline our recommended portfolio strategy in an Investment Policy Statement.

We present you with our recommendations and revise your financial plan as needed. Once you approve your IPS, we’ll begin implementing the plan which consists of three phases: opening and transferring funds, buying and selling investments, and providing referrals to our professional network of specialists.

To ensure the long-term success of your plan, we’ll regularly update it to reflect your financial circumstances, goals and needs. As your financial advocate, we’ll monitor your investment portfolio, conduct thorough due diligence on all securities, perform quarterly performance reviews and make trade recommendations in line with our buy/ sell discipline.